Aimee Sanchez is a bright and intuitive professional that comes up with solutions with ease.  I’ve worked with her for nearly 20 years and can say my job was made easier by her efforts. She consistently did work with very little direction and when she needed assistance I could always tell she had researched and tried to resolve the issue without my input.   Her work ethic is on point. I never had to remind her of any task as it was always completed on time. I am not working with her at the moment but would not hesitate to if the right projects come up again.

Jon Conant

CEO - CIO, SMB Support Corporation

Ms. Sanchez has been providing accounting services for our company for over ten years and has proven to be accurate, organized, and thorough with all of her work. She is also a pleasure to work with and is great at problem-solving.

A rare self-starter who is proactive with on-time results. Ms. Sanchez is the liaison between our company and our outside accounting firm where she is heavily relied on. She maintains a professional attitude and works well under stress. She is pleasant, has tremendous phone mannerism, and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Anna DiSieno

Cardinal Fabrication, Inc.

Aimee was employed at our office for about ten years. During that time, she impressed me with her intuition and her problem-solving skills as well as her communication and people skills. Aimee is the kind of hardworking employee that every employer hopes to find. She has shown true trustworthiness and loyalty. I find her beyond reproach.

Mark Kramer

Mark Kramer, CPA